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The Pottery offers large-group pottery workshops for the participants of social service agencies that aim to excite and inspire those involved. Social service workshops can be tailored to many different organizations such as healthcare providers, shelters, adult learning centres, community service organizations and more. Social service workshops are either paid for by the social service agency, or through various arts grants. 

The Pottery will supply the materials, tools, and technical instruction while encouraging participants to collaboratively design and create a permanent clay installation. In the past, groups have made clay quilts, mask collections, and even multi-part sculptures, however the possibilities are endless. This workshop can be a one time event, or a series of workshops.


The basic workshop is four hours long and begins with an initial discussion of ideas and sharing of concept sketches. After a tutorial on some of the technical aspects of working with clay, participants will work together to create their clay installation. The completed pieces will be brought to The Pottery to be fired (hardened) before being returned to the host organization within three weeks. 


Please note that any workshop involving sensitive topics will require staff from the host organization to be present at all times. This may include art therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, or others.

Clay tree trunk and leaves
Putting clay artwork together
Clay collaborative mask installation

Tree trunk and leaves collaborative social service installation

Putting the tree and leaves installation together

Collaborative mask installation


The Pottery also offers workshops of up to four four-hour sessions. These expanded workshops can increase opportunities for artistic expression and give participants a more in-depth understanding of the themes they wish to explore. Possible workshop topics are listed below.

  • Writing exercise outlining each participant's rationale for their piece

  • Collaborative brainstorming and feedback session 

  • Creating a photo record of the pieces, the participants, and the process

  • Journaling session with photographs, preliminary sketches and explanatory writing

  • A culminating party/exhibition organized by the participants




Contact The Pottery for details on how to apply for funding through arts grants



The basic workshop costs $500 (plus HST) and $4.50 per participant materials fee

Please contact The Pottery for the cost of the expanded four-session workshop.

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