In 1985, I had a decision to make. Do I follow in my father’s footsteps and get serious about pottery or try to choose another path? Clearly pottery came out on top. Whew! In the beginning, I produced functional wares most of the week and then headed off to craft shows across Southern Ontario on the weekends. At the beginning, I was known as Fireside Pottery.  I sold a little wholesale to craft stores and that’s how I was able to purchase a studio/store in the Beaches area of Toronto. That was the beginning of my tenure as owner of The Pottery. The Pottery has grown over the years to include pottery production for movies and tv shows, art galleries, interior designers, restaurants, and corporate offices.


Beginning twenty years ago, I began offering lessons for children and adults at the studio. I realized I really enjoyed this and I seemed to be good at it. Over the years, I have continued with these studio lessons. I have also had the good fortune to lead workshops in schools across Toronto and beyond. I’ve received a number of grants allowing me to become heavily involved in facilitating workshops in social service agencies, libraries, and in schools for both children and teacher candidates.


Over the years I have remained a functional porcelain potter though; I’ve explored raku and saggar fire techniques for many years. It’s a good thing pottery is so meditative given how busy I’ve become. It’s also a blessing to have my wife who is the best business partner/consultant you could hope for. I wouldn’t be teaching or doing grant work without her!


The pottery is a functioning studio that makes a wide range of pottery and fulfils custom orders. In addition, The Pottery offers 10-week lessons and beginner workshops, as well as children's and adult's summer camps. We facilitate clay workshops in public schools, social service agencies, companies and pottery guilds. 

We have recently opened an online store through our website and are excited to share our work. Feel free to browse our selection!


Want to learn more about The Pottery or have a special request? Feel free to explore this website or visit the contact us page to get in touch.