Our products include dish sets, sinks, specialty platters for special occasions, hand and/or foot impressions, fountains, funeral or pet urns through our sister company 'Portrait Urns', and custom work. Please email paul@thepottery with any questions or to order any of these products.

Products and Services
Custom Pieces

We can produce practically anything that you can think of. We have made ecclesiastical items, movie, tv and stage props, name impressed items, promotional items, awards, industrial prototypes and much more.

Dish Sets 

These sets are custom designed; clients can choose the glaze pattern, the shapes and the number of pieces. Commonly, dish sets are comprised of a dinner plate, luncheon plate, bread and butter plate, a mug, an all purpose bowl and a fruit nappy.

Additional items may include goblets, soup tureens, casseroles, serving platters, dip sets, gravy boats, teapots, and cream and sugar bowls but the options are endless.


Choose the bowl, the feature and the rocks and we will assemble your custom-built fountain.

Hand and Foot Prints

We will press baby's or children's hand and or foot prints into soft clay before colouring and firing the plaque and returning it to you. This option is also available for adults.

Occasion Platters

You will be asked to bring our bisque (the first firing) platter to you event. Once everyone has signed it with our special oxide pencils, you bring it back to us to have it glazed and fired.


Please call to discuss breakaway or other props needs.


 We can create sinks of any size. Our sinks can sit submerged in your counter or sit above the counter level. You choose.

Cremation Urns

Custom designed funeral urns: distinctive, beautiful and inexpensive. Click on our 'Portrait Urns' website link here to discover the many styles to choose from and how to order and honour your loved one or pet with a hand-made treasure.