The following workshop topics can be used as a guide to help you design the workshop you want. You may choose to focus on a single topic for one to three days or fit several topics into a two or three day workshop or series of workshops. Workshops can be delivered in a demonstration or participation style. Feel free to contact paul@thepottery for more information or to book a guild workshop.

Guild Workshops

"Build It Bigger, Make It Better"

Whether you want to make larger pots or simply add a distinctive flare to smaller pieces, joining multiple pieces can open up a whole new direction for your work. Some topics to be covered are:

  • Using combined sections to create taller, larger pieces

  • Applying pedestal bases to bowls, teapots or tureens

  • Centering large amounts of clay​

Workshop Topic 1- Throwing Sectional Pots

Want to throw teapots that pour without dripping? Now you can. In this workshop, we will explore teapot engineering and function. After examining how to design and construct a great teapot, we will explore other issues including handles, body shape, cutting and assembling, and swan necks and other spouts.

Workshop Topic 2- Teapots: Simple, Sectional, Fun or Funky

"Production Techniques To Speed Up Your Work While Maintaining Quality"

Topics include:

  • Throwing to a pointer

  • Throwing off the hump

  • Creating a programme to increase throwing speed

  • More tips and tricks

Workshop Topic 3- Up Up and Away

"Casseroles, Tureens, Cookie Jars and more"

Choosing a lid type and fitting it properly, especially on larger pieces, can seem overwhelming but it doesn't need to be.

  • We will cover lids of all kinds and for all occasions including domed, gallery seat and irregular.

  • The exploration of lids would be incomplete without exploring handles: pulled, knob, textured, extruded and sprigged.

Workshop Topic 4- Large and Lidded

In this workshop we will talk about the atmospheric conditions and tricks that help produce great, vibrant sagger fired pots. There will be an exploration of terra sigillata, combustibles, metals and salts and firing techniques.

Workshop Topic 5- Sagger Firing

"Sink or Swim, What's It Gonna Be?"

It's no secret that it's very difficult to make a go of it in arts or crafts, whether you hope to survive full time, or as a part time venture. There are ways to make the transition from hobby crafts person/artisan to semi professional or full time artist. There are almost as many routes as there are artisans but there are also serious mistakes you can make that will waste a lot of your time and money. I will help you consider the most successful path to achieving the great joy that comes from doing what you love and being paid a living wage to do it.

Workshop Topic 6- Marketing